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Wegmans began in 1916 as the Rochester Fruit and Vegetable Company. In 1931, the brothers incorporated the business as Wegman’s Food Market and opened a self-service grocery. In 1972, the company opens its first pharmacy inside a store.In 1974, the company acquires Bilt-Rite Chase-Pitkin.If you look at my shopping history I average 0 a week on grocery and probably 0 a month on liquor.It’s not that I want you to do anything, but it is cathartic for me. And yes when people ask why I don’t shop at Wegman’s anymore I share my experience.

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I used to sell products through chains like Wegman’s and the things that get people in the store to do their shopping can be as small as a brand of wine. I need to go to my Wegman’s in Short Pump to get some more Ben & Jerrys Chubby Hubby because they are the only place that carries that flavor—and I’m buying it even though I totally disagree with the political opinions of that company. Reply You can believe anything you want but anybody tell any business what product to sell if they want what could be so hard about that to believe?????!!!!!!So I am still waiting and hoping that they reconsider because If I have to beg in the street for money to balance my financial situation I could or will, which is something I don’t want to do, but itmagining that this is how the homeless people become helpless because they are treated as rejects and do not offer them jobs when they need them, so they become an image of how unfair our society can be with people looking for there freedom to grow and create happiness for themselves and their families, without giving up.So if you read my message please I am still in need of an opportunity within your Wegmans Store. Reply From what I have read lately about Trump wine, I think you are ALL missing the point. Any retailer should be able to carry and sell a variety of notebooks, greeting cards, health foods, wines, beer, meats, produce etc.So I waited for a phone call, and still went back and the sign is still there, and I spoke to a manager and enquire about why they had not call me for an interview, and because I am deaf hard-of-hearing though I started thinking and feeling intimidated, the manager said she would refer me to Human Resources that they would know my situation so that they could email me for an interview, but still have not received anything.So third week I went back to get a meal again with my daughter again, and the sign still there, and I am thinking here is woman who needs a job and is saying that she is available to work there schedule and three weeks the sign is still on display indicating that they need to hire the following positions.

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